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...has humbly progressed in a 'figuring things out along the way' sort of mentality. I sort of fell into this industry while working on my photo series Flux Inertia. Needless to say, the majority of subjects I shoot do not consider themselves models ... so they tell me. But I usually approach them and gradually work with them over time for them to give me the look I want. I really do not know what it is about working with people in this pulled me into it with fierce, unrelenting force. It's gratifying in a way I cannot express with words maybe because it's connecting in an unspoken way. There's dealing with clients, then there's working with models. Both having pros and cons, but I would probably always choose the latter. Whether it's senior portraiture or working with the nude form, I love capturing the beauty of life and the expressive female form. However taboo, sexist, or inappropriate, I hope to bring understanding to creating work in this genre of photography. 

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Alexa Baldwin - Senior Portrait Session