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KAYLEE KNIZNER — Small Town Industrial Park

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In my opinion, opening people up to things they are uncomfortable with in intriguing. This instance was regretfully rushed and over ambitious because of my lack of so-called "therapy" lately. I wanted to shoot so bad that I somewhat forced these moments to happen because we were racing against the sun and other variables that cut our warm-up time to nearly 10 minutes. Those who have worked with me before, warm-ups can range from 45 minutes to 1.5 needless to say our professional acquaintance was very much condensed.

Kaylee could not have been more of a champ in the time that we had. Granted there is much still to learn on both ends of the camera, I feel like we each experienced an 'Oh shoot!, pop-quiz!' type of photoshoot. I mean we literally were somewhat caught off guard about how to approach things, and I know for myself that I had a very difficult time explaining what I was looking for. And for someone in Kaylee's position (someone with zero experience), I'm sure I either frightened or amused her. You can always get the full feeling and closure of the experience when you see the final images — then you can play connect-the-dots in your mind with the way you felt during the shoot. The primary hinderance in the end was the fact Kaylee just experienced a senior shoot for high school. Understanding the difference and acting upon that understanding is two very different things, and is something I need to get better at pulling out of newbies.

Overall I had a pleasurable short shoot with her. I hope there is more interest and I hope I didn't frighten her away! Regardless, enjoy!

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