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WEDDING: The Marriage of Justin & Sue Brown

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There are few times in a photographer's career that one has 'clients' like Justin & Sue. Dear friends of mine for many years now approached me about photographing their engagement & wedding pictures. With complete confidence & faith in my ability to perform without having to see any proof that I could do it, they trusted me completely to be their photographer.

I will say now after the fact that I did underestimate the undertaking of both sessions...and I had heard many horror stories of weddings and the immense pressure they put on a photographer. Nonetheless, I was eager to add this to my portfolio. Not necessarily to pick up more wedding gigs, more so to just have the experience.

Now that it is all said and done, I couldn't have asked for a better interaction with a 'client.' I feel great about the outcome and I think they do too. Not only did I compliment them for this unforgettable and monumental time in their lives, they worked extra hard to be as blank of a canvas as any model could be to fuel my creativity. Even on their wedding day, all dressed up, inevitably tired and hot, they were more than champs in trying to make sure I got the shots that I wanted. They trusted my eye more than they trusted their vision of what the pictures would be in the end. If anything, THAT is the biggest compliment an artist can receive.

So I am so terribly proud of these guys and I wish you both the very best together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me do this with your complete trust. I hope 50 years from now when you look back at these glimpses of time that I captured spark your memory back to that very time and place.

P.S. Sue, the bride, has already posted the majority of the pictures, so if you want to see them all, follow this link:

Here is my condensed version.

And I'll end it with two shots from the engagement photoshoot.


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