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BAILEY KEATON TURNER — Afternoon photoshoot

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Many times when working with a new model the first session we have, as I have discussed in previous posts, usually ends up being a bit rocky as we are learning each other and how we work. Being the person behind the lens, this doesn't scare inspires and invigorates me. Most of the time the one on the other end of the lens doesn't feel very successful at times, and I'm sure feels very clumsy and awkward. For Bailey, that wasn't the case at all. Her inexperience was something that gave me a clean canvas to paint on, which can only develop as we hope into a grand work of art. The alternative doesn't exist to me, partially because regardless to if she wants to get better or not, it is impossible for her to control how I see her through my lens. What makes working with a rookie so great — the fact that they aren't aware of how I see them until I finish and post the round of pictures. Conversely, If the model does decide on trying to visualize what I see through the lens during the session, the "sky's the limit," as they say. And this is when the magic happens. That magic is what I want everyone I shoot with to strive after. Bailey is well on her way.

I tried some different things in post-production this time to experiment with a "grittier," maybe more "grudge" feel by bringing up the contrast and carefully saturating the image.

Here is our photoshoot shot in and around downtown Gadsden, Alabama. I feel that it went as smooth as it could go, with the unique circumstances. So please comment or like or share or SOMETHING! I need to know you people are out there...


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