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CINTYA GURERRO — Impromptu studio session

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In pursuit of diversifying my fashion portfolio through various ethnicity, I present the very talented & hard working Cintya Gurerro

In no relation to recent social issues plaguing the country, I wanted to 1.) work with someone new, no matter how inexperienced and 2.) learn how to better communicate aesthetics and general movement from one pose to the next according to the theme of the shoot. Generally I have been pushing myself to better understand the relationship between me and the subject in the moment — moving very fast to solve the equation of lighting, posing, and vibe of the shoot.

Miss Gurerro had no problem easing back into her zone. For those of you who are in the same boat as me, you'll see very quickly that experience in a model is very evident from the onset of the shoot. You can tell whether or not that person has thoroughly considered themselves from "outside of the body" (so to speak) and if they are making rapid conscious decisions between each shot, the position of the camera and the placement of their form all flowing forcefully or naturally out of the model. I say that to say it was a delight to share that chemistry with Cintya during our shoot. Although she had been out of the game for awhile, you could tell she was being "real with the camera." Obviously this is what all photographers aim to replicate, no matter the talent level of the subject...yet Cintya clearly has this in her soul...deep down. This is why she is meant for greater things.

Very much looking forward to our next encounter. For now enjoy these select shots from our session.


The enchanting atmosphere for our shoot (seen above) provided by Erica Skidmore. Thank you!

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