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I will be posting a recap to bridge the gap between my last post and now. But as I am writing that post, enjoy this unmitigated little shoot with one of my muses' Rainee Gregg. I've shot with her more than anyone and you can see just how far she's come in terms of subject matter. This was shot at Crow Mountain Orchard close to Skyline, AL. The orchard was in full bloom...and despite everything keeping us from getting up there that day, we had an hour of sunlight. And we killed it. Just magnificent, gorgeous, breathtaking light.

If many of you are interested, I am thinking about making a Kickstarter page to fund putting a book together of my "Personal Editorial" series — which can be found on my BeHance profile page. Due to sensitive material, I have to censor this genre of art but if you'd like to view please email or PM me. I'd love to shoot with you!

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