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MARSENA EDWARDS — Exploring Old America

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I guess one could say that I have been very fortunate to meet subjects with a developed awareness of self that works with the right amount of direction from my side of the camera...and that person would be correct.

Maybe subconsciously I feel a person's potential and once we work together everything falls into place. I say this because I am just amazed at the moments I end up capturing sometimes and it truly draws the line for the model I am working with. 

Marsena had modeled for me before (w/ Flux Inertia series), but in many ways this was a new start for us both. As I have discussed some before in other posts the MOST difficult thing is to find that sweet spot with the model where they can start tapping into their genuine self. We all act different in front of the camera...and if you can imagine for a second with me — there is a camera in front of you. Your mind starts racing...let go of all the thoughts running around in your mind. React and interact with your surroundings as you would naturally. NATURAL is the key. All you can think about is that little screen on the back of the camera and what the image looks like that I just captured as you were mindlessly looking off the bridge.

It's VERY difficult. I try to learn new techniques every single chance I get to shoot someone new how to get to that sweet spot for the model. Primarily working with untrained friends, at times it can be a pain. And sometimes the process is longer than others. It's somewhat magical when it hits — we both just slide into a lingering blissful, click, Then I'm done. 

This is why I am so excited for our upcoming 2nd shoot together. We will cut the time in half that it takes to get to that climax and just loafer in it for a few hours. So I hope you enjoy this time I had with the beautiful Marsena Edwards! And be on the look out for our next shoot!

(Apologies about the unintentional sexual innuendos/ analogies, I didn't even realize until I wrote 'climax' at the end!) 


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