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WEDDING VIDEO: Adam & Dani Alexandersen

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Adam Alexandersen & Danielle Barbosa


So a little over a year ago I had the pleasure to shoot video for a good friend & model of mine, Danielle Barbosa. How we even met and got to know each other was clearly a subtle act of God. I have felt SO indebted to her because of her true kindness and passion. And that's not why I wanted to do this for her, per-say...but she and her brother, Milx, worked terribly hard to bring my dreams and artistic endeavors into fruition. Both very tender, sweet, and kind people.

We have collaborated on numerous projects since we have met and have shot in some pretty incredible locations. Below is my piece "Twelve Angels" in which Dani and Milx are performing "acroyoga" in an upstairs loft of an art gallery in Atlanta, GA:

Twelve Angels , Pigmented Ink, 2014

Twelve Angels, Pigmented Ink, 2014

This was the first project, and it only became more ridiculous and seemingly impossible to achieve my outlandish visions. But they did. I know this blog post is about her wedding, but I just have to preface by saying these things. As a fine artist, my head is always going a million miles an hour, trying to get to the next whatever...working diligently and sometimes being too overwhelmed with life that I become negligent to recognize the people on the other side of the lens properly.

Many, many friends of mine that helped me get started are equally as deserving of any success I receive - past, present, and future. And Dani has been such a patient, understanding, hard-working co-creator to many works of mine. Even though these friends that helped my create may feel ill-treated or overlooked, I hope that my long term actions show you my gratitude for everything you do or have done to help me. It will not go unfulfilled or for granted.

Even though I took FOREVER to finish this for her, I am glad that I did not rush to just get her something mediocre or sub-par. This video is only a summarized version of the full cut. This, I felt, was more watchable and just had better pacing. I hope you take the time to really watch it and more than anything — even if you watch only the first 30 seconds, I still wanna know what you think. ;)