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The Arts Collective Jacksonville — #ArtMatters

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Marleah Blades, the founder and administrator of The Arts Collective Jacksonville, has put much thought and effort into forming a group of people that love art — and not just that, a group of people who have a passion for creating art. Based in Jacksonville, AL, the Collective has been exceptionally busy since its inception and boasts a membership of 108 officially on social media. It's description on Facebook reads:

We are a group of artists who want to be part of a community, to innovate and collaborate across disciplines, to challenge ourselves, to create our own opportunities to show our work, to share resources and promotion, and to support one another’s projects and processes. We want to make our cities so full of art that we can’t turn around without seeing it.

And coming very soon, September 19th to be exact, the Create Festival sponsored by The Arts Collective Jacksonville is showcasing their members work all in shops around the Jacksonville Square. I am excited for this opportunity to show 3 works from Flux Inertia, and all three pieces from Composure. I also just last week got a call to be interviewed from the Jacksonville News about the Create Festival. So I will be posting that when I get my hands on it.

At any rate, I am so glad that this "revival" for the appreciation and exposure of art is happening, even though it is sparking the semester after I finished school. I guess this is why I am happy because it allows me to still stay involved with art on campus.


Poster by Patrice Anderson

For anyone interested in joining The Arts Collective Jacksonville, I spoke with Marleah to see what see had to say for people currently wanting to participate...

Be ready to collaborate. Use the group to be part of a community. Ask for feedback, ask for help. Make good art.
— Marleah Blades

Contact Marleah if you want to be added to the Facebook group — 

You can find them and follow on our public Facebook page as The Arts Collective Jacksonville

Instagram and twitter @artscollectivej