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Let's Back Up and Do This Right...

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(DISCLAIMER: If you already had the pleasure — or discomfort — of knowing me/ meeting me in person, this post does not pertain to you. BUT before you select back or "X" please take a moment to scan over this post, just in case you forgot something about me or in case you do not know much about me and want to be surprised. Not that my life is significant by any means...or that it is even necessary to make a "proper-introduction-to-my-even-less-significant-than-me-blog" post. It is what it is, as my friend Oliver would say)

Eric Luther McClendon is my name. I said when I sat and thought to typed it. I am still really confused as to why blogs are even a thing people enjoy. I think it's just because I hate the word blog. I am going to have to change my "Blog" title eventually. Or at least keep a tally at the end of each post of how many times I have to use the word "BLOG." I could start using a French word, which at least makes me look more scholarly and prude. Hm.


UPDATE: New BLOG title!

— Savoir-Faire —

And for all you so-called intellectuals, I will post what this word(s) means:

Savoir-Faire (nm) — This word is, of course, ubiquitous in English. In French, it is similar to “know-how”, or how to solve certain practical problems. Once adopted into the English language, however, this French word took on a different meaning: knowing how to act appropriately in social situations.

FYI — I did not search for untranslatable french words on Google. It just happened. So it works, and we're golden. Like it? Don't care. Moving on.

I am an artist based in Alabama (at the moment) and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Jacksonville State University and that is my left hand^ — that I drew with my right. I started drawing as a child during church, during classes, and even spent all afternoon after I got home from school to sit at my desk and work on sometimes very large projects. I would say the my inspiration indefinitely comes from a thirst for cultural knowledge and wanting to see the world — and growing up in a small rural area, this can be easily understood. It is sad to say that most of what motivates me to create and tell stories visually is not from my life, per-say. I think it spawns from much of what I feel about how I grew up, what I've been able to experience and how I react to it. Although this can be said about my artists' work, I feel my voice is unique goes about this process very differently (which could probably also be said about many artists...). But as I stand (sit) before you now, I beg you to explore my work with the notion that for many people in the area where I grew up, it is very difficult for them to look past the nudity in some of my work. Maybe this is why I work in this way?....Maybe its from misfortunes or remnants from my past? It doesn't really matter. It's more interesting how many people cannot see what I am tapping into with the concept of my work sheerly because their minds are bombarded with only a single thought: that person is NAKED.

"I would say the my inspiration indefinitely comes from a thirst for cultural knowledge and wanting to see the world — and growing up in a small rural area, this can be easily understood."

But that is a topic for another day.

I took some art lessons as a kid, along with piano lessons, karate lessons, etc. It's really hard to remember but I participated in sports for a time. It clearly wasn't for me, but worth a shot. Music was really my driving passion through high school and college — but balanced off the further I made it through the art program at JSU. Art became my girlfriend essentially. Which for me has always been a good thing. It didn't keep me from being social; the band demanded I have a social presence. And how I did both art and music for 4 years is astounding, ESPECIALLY at Jacksonville where band is God. Art naturally takes more of your time where ever you go to school if you love it. 

So college life...there's a lot of stuff that happened, fortunately I do remember most of it. Basically, speaking strictly school-wise, I cultivated and honed all my skills as a creative thinker, sharpened by art blades, and worked diligently to create work for class and for myself. I intend to attend a master program as soon as possible, but with how fast the business world is changing I am throwing myself out there to snatch a photo/video based position, or even a design/branding gig to get experience — I feel that can teach me the most the fastest. So those of you that read this far, I am available for any and all your artistic needs! I work commercially, and more fine art based, and I value myself in being competent in many fields of interest. I do logos, posters, brochures, packaging, web-based media, advertising, business marketing, photography, video, you name it!

As a freelance artist, it is difficult to make it from paycheck to paycheck. So literally anything you might need as a small business, a family that needs family portraits, a mom who wants great pics of your kids...I do that! So just click up on the CONTACT tab and let me know! Pricing is very reasonable.

I totally turned that into a begging for money apologies. If you enjoyed this, please subscribe. I don't try to blow up your email, even though it may happen from time to time. So thank you for YOUR time. Time. Time. miTe. emiT. iTme. Tmi. e.

"BLOG" word tally = 5