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It's pretty bad when you're a pack rat on your hard drives...

Eric McClendonComment

For all those that I know aren't reading my blog yet, I apologize for the site construction. I am still gathering work from old hard drives and super old past computers of mine. It's pretty bad when you are a pack rat on your hard drives...but I have been finding some pretty great treasures from my old cell phones and old digital cameras.

I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all you who support me, even if its subtle and quietly. It's been a rough year, that's easy to say. But I'm latching on to what I truly love and finding myself where I need to be. Thanks to my number one supporters, my mother, father, brother, and Nan. But also my girlfriend, Emily Muir. She's already been through thick and thin for me and with me, and she is currently embarking on her final undergraduate semester. I couldn't be prouder and I will be there for her all the way. She has helped me, if not the most, in the best way. 

Also a special thanks to Roberta Allen for commenting on my image on Photographer's Forum Magazine website (as seen in the image). Thanks for supporting me and my work! Anyway, I hope everyone is having a super Monday and thanks for your patience if you have tried viewing my website and it was screwy...working out the kinks! Because that band sucked.

Thanks Roberta!!! ^^^^^