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Justin Brown & Sue Chandler — Engagement

Eric McClendonComment

I have known Justin & Sue for some time now and they are one of those couples that share a quiet, strong bond  — which is evident to everyone they interact with.

As honored as I was to be asked to shoot their engagement photographs, I was just as thankful that they wanted me for their wedding as well. I grew up in a very small town, one that the phrase "everyone knows everyone" doesn't quite cover it. I say this because when I became friends with Justin years ago, I was also exposed to his kind-hearted and loving family. Henry & Kathy Brown are two of the most generous and wise people I know. So understanding Justin's outward dynamic to his parents, I wanted to encapsulate that sort of compassion I see between him and Sue. Their relationship is one that holds true to virtue and trust — a sort of connect between people that many never experience. 


I hope you enjoy these photographs of two beautiful people, inside and out. I would love to talk about doing your engagement or wedding pictures. Please contact me for more information.