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IMPETUS & IMPETUS: Behind the Scenes — Now on YouTube

Eric McClendonComment

Among the list of unnecessary blog posts, this might be in the top 5. I recently was organizing some files and updating my social media accounts and realized that I had yet to upload my BFA Senior Exhibition piece "IMPETUS" to YouTube. Knowing that this outlet is more accessible than Vimeo, and probably even now a household name considering even local news channels have blocks in their programming set aside for watching the latest "YouTube sensation" or "Best Facebook Viral Animals." 

Yet, YouTube has become much more respected - at least in my books - in terms of a social video media site (primarily thanks to Google). So I apologize if any of you chose to not take the time to watch it via — I hope this makes it more familiar and satisfying now that both "IMPETUS," the feature, and "IMPETUS: Behind the Scenes" are streaming on YouTube as we speak. In all its 1080p glory. 

Disclaimer: Please be aware that there is some explicit material, including full nudity. But before you "x" off I ask for your complete (sometimes irrevocable intelligence as a human being to analyze why does nudity offend you? Then throw that out of your head for 4 minutes and 46 seconds. Think of the relation of the sound to the visuals and the sensory effects to the fabric of our existence.